New to the care sector? Let People Search work for you

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So you lack experience in disability, community or aged care work?  How will that look when you apply for a job?  Actually you might be pleasantly surprised. Our employers can be very perceptive when it comes to recognising talent…

We know that when you make a career change, it can be a little daunting at first.  On the face of it your qualifications and experience can sometimes look very different to what’s being asked for in job ads. How do you make the connection?

Well this sector is different and probably unique because it happens all the time.  Many, many of its people are in it as a result of a career change. And employers commonly say that ‘soft skills’ – your passion and ability to work with people; to listen, learn, and respond to others; be responsible and flexible – can be as  important as formal qualifications. Of most interest to them is the kind of person you are.

What you should do

Want proof?  Well, just complete your profile in People Search and see what happens. Since we launched People Search a few months back we’ve found that newcomers are getting just as much interest from employers as experienced workers. People who talk about their passion and commitment tend to get noticed.

But don’t take our word for it – just log on now and complete your profile.  And if you need guidance on how best to do it, check out this other blog Five Tips to help you stand out in People Search

Can we help? If you need advice on what’s going to be best for you, contact the Career Centre on  or 1300 637 637.

Meet our 2017 Workmate of the Year – the amazing Veronica!

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The carecareers’ audience across Australia has voted and declared Muswellbrook’s Veronica Matheson as the 2017 Workmate of the Year.

Veronica was one of 10 finalists shortlisted to win this year’s award.

Described by supporters as “a beautiful, warm, kind and giving person with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint” she was a clear winner based on your Facebook votes.

“I am just very flattered,” she said.

“But you couldn’t do this job without a great team behind you because working in the disability sector is a total team effort and we have a brilliant team here.”

Veronica, who works as a manager for Joblink Plus in Muswellbrook supporting people with disability to find employment locally, said it was a role and career that relies totally on a love for the job.

“It’s just so rewarding. Seeing the smile on people’s faces when they get a job and make it work – and the difference it can make to their lives is just amazing,” said Veronica.

We had some brilliant nominations this year from right across Australia – and unfortunately we could only shortlist 10!

And it was a tight competition.

Veronica was voted Workmate of the Year ahead of Gippsland’s Narelle Barlow and Adelaide’s Harbinger Singh.

Thanks everyone for nominating, and for voting. Your comments, and your enthusiasm remind us all of why we all chose a career in our sector in the first place.

And for even more feel good, we’ll leave you with this final comment from Veronica:

“I was just saying that this is the first time I’ve won against someone else. I did win senior girls champion in primary school, but it was a very small school and I was the only senior girl.”

While we may not be the most competitive of sectors we certainly have a lot to reward and celebrate.”

In our eyes, you’re all winners (but this year the iPad goes to Veronica.)

Five Tips to help you stand out in People Search


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More and more people are posting their profiles in carecareers NEW People Search – where employers can find you and offer you work.  You haven’t! What are you waiting for?

It only takes a few minutes to complete your profile and make it searchable.  And here are five key tips to give you the best chance of being offered a job.


1        Photo

You want your People Search profile to look different from everybody else’s.  Including a photo of yourself is one sure way of making it do so.  If you’re camera-shy, that’s fine, but don’t leave the space blank and colourless. You can use one of our delightful avatars to make your profile look professional.


2        Short description

This is what employers see in their search  results, so what you write can be crucial in determining whether or not they take the next step.

What is most likely to make an employer interested in you? It could be your skills, experience or passions.  Pick what defines you and say it in one line. You can see good examples here


3        Full description

Take the opportunity to flesh out your profile so a future employer can get a really good sense of what you have to offer.  They have already clicked ‘View details’ so they are interested enough to read more about you.  Don’t miss the chance to tell them about your talents, passions and ambitions for the future.  It helps an employer no end to have a good picture of you and, if they warm to it, you’re half-way there.

Hint – if you have a recent cover letter, it’s a great place to start.


4        Tags

Including tags is a great way of ensuring your profile appears in lots of searches. A tag is a short-cut for an employer when he or she is searching. By posting a tag for every one of your attributes, you will ensure you are in contention each time that search is made.


5        Keep it current

Don’t forget to keep your People Search profile updated with any new training or relevant experience.

The profile includes a “Last updated” field and having a more recent date can imply a sense of urgency. This will encourage employers to reach out to you before you’re snapped up.


Can we help? If you need advice on what’s going to be best for you, contact the Career Centre on  or 1300 637 637.

It’s time to nominate your Workmate of the Year

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It’s that time again! After the success of last year’s first ever carecareers Workmate of the Year award, we’ve decided to make it an annual event.

We’re looking for you to nominate a workmate who makes a difference to the lives of their colleagues, or the people they support, every day.  Take a couple of minutes to tell us who you think deserves the title and why.

We’ll post some of your great entries on our Facebook page. We’ll also post the shortlist of finalists so you can decide the eventual winner. Both the winner and their nominator will win an iPad.

Find out more right here. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends, workmates and clients and encourage them to nominate as well.


NEW! Let employers find you with People Search

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Introducing our NEW People Search – where employers can find you and offer you work.

If you’re familiar with carecareers, you’ll know that there are a lot of jobs up for grabs. But up until now, it has been down to you to find the right match.

Now all that has changed.  With the launch of People Search, if you complete a simple one-page profile, employers will be able to discover you.


Employers will be using People Search to match people with their current vacancies.

They know carecareers attracts many talented individuals who use us to advance their careers. People like you.

What’s the benefit to you?  Now, in addition to selecting jobs you are interested in, you can let employers tell you when they think you might suit a particular job.

So now you can increase your range of opportunities, and perhaps even be offered jobs you might not have thought of, all in a way that is entirely controlled by you.  You decide what goes into your profile and if you want to follow up employers’ interest. Your privacy is assured and you can turn your profile on or off at any stage.

It takes just a few minutes to set up your profile and getting started is easy. Just log into your Candidate hub, follow the simple instructions to complete or update your profile, then tick “Make my profile searchable” to be listed instantly.

Why not make your profile visible to potential employers today?

Questions? You’ll find answers and access to People Search here or you can contact the Career Centre on  or 1300 637 637.



A million reasons to work in the care sector





Do you need convincing that a Career Quiz can seriously help you make important life decisions?  Then read on…

Late last year we passed a bit of a milestone when the one millionth carecareers Career Quiz was completed.   Yes, one million people have taken the quiz! Why? What did they gain from the experience?

If you have taken the quiz then you know it gives you feedback on your personality, skills and, if appropriate, it suggests where you could best apply them in a career in the care sector.   So how accurate and useful is it?  You might be surprised.

Part of carecareers’ brief is to reach out to talented individuals with no previous experience of working in the care sector.  There are many people out there with much to offer who would flourish in a person-centred industry such as ours.

If you are one of those people, you will know that it’s a big leap to make a career change into a new sector in which you don’t have any experience.

Early on, our research told us that an online tool which helped users self-assess their fit with the sector could go a long way to bridging that gap.  A great deal of work went into designing and building the career quiz; the massive uptake is validation that it has paid off.

And the result?  There have probably been a million different results.  Some people learn that maybe the sector is not for them, which is a valuable outcome in itself. Others decide the profile they receive is all they need, that’s fine too.

But for a third group it’s the starting point of an important journey, one that takes them in a new direction or fulfils a long-held hankering for something more meaningful.  Every week we hear from someone now enjoys a rewarding career in our sector as a direct result of the Career Quiz.

So just in case you’ve not yet joined the million-strong community, why not give the quiz a go?  It will only take you five minutes, it’s fun and easy to do and, who knows, perhaps it might take you somewhere unexpected…

And if this is the start of a journey for you, our Career Centre (1300 637 637 and is here to help you if we can with one-on-one career advice. The service is free, independent and confidential, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to talk to people who are making positive life changes.

Happy New Year! Made any resolutions? Try these…


We hope you have had some rest and relaxation, and now you are ready for new challenges…

There’s no better time to make a bold move!  Why?  Because all around the country people use the New Year as a time to refresh and make changes, which means that lots and lots of opportunities open up.  It’s no coincidence that late January through March is one of the job market’s busiest periods.

So are you ready to take your own steps to realise your potential? These handy steps will help you on your way.  Why not make them your New Year resolutions…

Community Inclusion requires greater engagement


Community inclusion and participation for people with a disability is a foundation stone of the NDIS. Yet inclusion and participation is often represented as the responsibility of the person with the disability, or their carers and support providers.

True community inclusion, however, requires that people without a disability understand their role in ensuring people with a disability feel comfortable in the range of community settings, feel a sense of belonging and are able to take advantage of opportunities.

That is one of the reasons why a few years ago The Junction Works developed an opportunity for a group of Year 10 Students from Holsworthy High School to volunteer at our annual SPARK Festival for people with an intellectual disability in a project we call SPARK Experience: Youth Engagement.

Getting the support you need to realise your potential

Whatever work you do and wherever you do it, you do it better if you have a solid support network behind you. Family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours can all be active or silent partners in your wellbeing – people you can call on or maybe just take strength from knowing that they are there.

The people who work in our sector are fantastic at supporting others – precisely the people you would want in your own support network. The irony here however is that your strength in offering support can sometimes mean your own needs get overlooked.

Professional members’ organisations – made up of like-minded individuals working in the same industry – can enhance your skill-set and complement your networks of support.

Employment opportunities in the Townsville area



A whole expo devoted to careers in disability?  That’s unusual isn’t it?  Well yes it is but, given the huge growth in the sector as a result of the NDIS, it’s maybe a sign of things to come.

So all credit to Workability Queensland for organising the first Careers in Disability expo in Townsville, and carecareers is delighted to be involved.

If you have any interest in the work and career opportunities in this sector you’ll find everything you need – including the region’s major employers – all under one roof.

You can discover your career options, meet some of the people who work in the sector and attend free seminars. You can also apply for a diverse range of jobs on the day, so don’t forget to bring along your resumé.

The expo is at the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre, this Friday 14 October from 10am to 3pm and entry is free.

You can find out more about the expo at and see some of the jobs that will be on offer here.

See you there!


The carecareers team